REBECCA ENKIN sings the jazz standards with affection and elegance. This respected vocalist launched her career at Toronto’s Chicago’s Diner in 1989 and has ever since been featured in concerts and events at leading Toronto clubs and lounges, the prestigious Glenn Gould Studio, the Ontario Science Centre, and in annual appearances at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival. Jazz Report Magazine noted that she was “note-for-note perfect in diction and pitch” on her album In Times Like These, which was “stacked with the finest Toronto musicians” including Frank Falco, Jane Fair, Lorne Lofsky, and Pat Collins.

Rebecca has performed alongside talented musicians such as Mark Kieswetter, Mike Allen, Pat Collins, Ron Davis, Ross MacIntyre, Frank Falco, Jane Fair, Louis Botos Sr., Lorne Lofsky, Mark Eisenman, Mike Downes, Chase Sanborn, Marc Enkin, Bruce Griffin, Kevin Barrett, Brendan Cassidy, Bill King, Artie Roth, Archie Alleyne, Peter Hill, Rob Carli, Rob Thaller, Joanna Reynolds, Andrew Boniwell, Peter Telford, Rebecca Hennessy, Ivana Popovic, Paul Novotny, Arnold Winterhoff, Matt Pines, and the late Jeff Healey.

She has been a member of the award-winning Cantala Women’s Choir since 2009 directed by Nancy Singla; and sings chant and motets with the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church (Roncesvalles) in west Toronto directed by Peter Bishop. She was a member of Trio Cordium Voices (Voices from the Heart) which sings the music of Hildegard von Bingen.

About In Times Like These

“Here’s a recording that almost slid past our eyes until hearing the marvelous young singer in live performance. Enkin is note for note perfect in diction and pitch. Choice of material suits her well as does the often quirky – always inventive arrangements by Frank Falco. The recording is stacked with the finest Toronto musicians who all deliver a memorable session.” — The Jazz Report Magazine