Upcoming Performances

Marc Enkin and I had a great time playing outdoors on a gorgeous summer day in the southwestern Ontario.

I hope you have all been enjoying the summer. Our family, including beagle Barney, travelled to our “off the grid” log cabin up in Temagami, Ontario, for a week in July. Since then, there have been some nice visits from far-flung family in Hawaii and Israel, and lately we’ve been helping our oldest son get ready to go off to college. So exciting!

I’ve also been gathering material to record this fall. Check here for updates in September. Please drop me an email to rebecca@rebeccaenkin.com if you want to be added to my mailing list.

All the best,

August 6, 2017

PS Here’s a quick recording that guitarist Mike Allen and I did last year.  “How Deep is the Ocean” by Irving Berlin

      how deep is the ocean